Friday, 29 March 2013

Free XBOX, PS3 games & more

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Just why was this console named the Xbox 360? Because it has 360 games? Well, all that does not really matter. What is important is the fact that today; you can get free Microsoft points for Xbox 360 and access all the items, games, music, themes, skins and videos that you can use in the Xbox live arcade. You will have a very good time as you do that and you will enjoy yourself tremendously. By getting the free points, you will not only be saving yourself some money but you will also be opening up your gaming world. Know that all the transactions that take place on the Xbox live market place have to be paid for with the Microsoft points and these points will cost you money.

Many sites today offer you the free Microsoft points but they will require you to complete surveys for the points. And these points will never get paid. But with the site im about to [resent to you, you will get paid your points/cash instantly. I wouldn't waste my time and make this site if it didnt work. Now, if you know that you will only have to spend some time to get the free points, then you will not hesitate to go for the free points. Some sites will offer you real money for the surveys that you complete while others will pay you in terms of the free Microsoft points. Either way you will benefit because even if you are paid with money, you can buy the points. Do not sign up for an account on any website for the free points until you verify that it is indeed genuine.

My experiences:

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Here is proof of rewards i have earned with Points2shop: Reward: Guild Wars 2 - Gem Card: Reward: Guild Wars 2 - Game:  
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People always say that doing surveys and completing offers for cash is a waste of time.. Like what the hell? Isnt playing games a waste of time too? Atleast when you do offers and surveys you are earning money rather than playing stupid games and not earning anything at all.

At first it may be hard to get used to the whole concept of getting points/cash from the site but there is a helpful live shoutbox where members of the site talk and socialize. With out the shoutbox this site just wouldnt be the same. Have you seen those dull survey/offer sites without any shoutboxes to talk to other members? I have many times and its so boring completing offers and doing surveys without having someone to talk to.

I cannot stress enough how this site has helped me fianacially. I have all the things i have ever wanted from just sitting down in my spare time doing the things i like. Once you get the hang of doing surveys/offer it becomes really fun.

It's so depressing how people think this is a scam. Its only because they know the site is very good and they are swimming in denial to even come to terms wit reality. Don't be part of a statistic, join and get your free amazon rewards.

If you leave here without signing up and having a go then YOU are the one losing out. Just think about that.
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